About BisB

Incorporated in 1979 as the first Islamic bank in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the fourth in the GCC.

Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) has played a pivotal role in the development of the Islamic banking industry and the Kingdom’s economy.

BisB Brand DNA Elements

1) Our Brand Promise:

Fueled by Bahraini devotion, we craft new ways of simplifying your money matters

About Bisb

2) BisB Tree of Life:

bisb tree

BisB Tree of Life Pillars:


We want to instill our Bahraini insights and local values in our daily tasks at work and our business approach, cementing our “Bahrain-ness” as a living value. We want to capture the hearts of our customers, and be known for our friendly and open voice, treating our customers with warmth and respect, dedicated to surpassing their expectations.

Banking re-imagined

Constantly finding new and innovative solutions for our customers, we connect people to the right technology, adding world class security measures to deal with the increased risks they face in an increasingly digital world.

Start-up mindset

Beyond the boundaries of a creative space, our BisB Innovation Lab fosters idea generation and is one of our achievements I am most passionate about. We want to celebrate every day success stories in our culture of continuous learning.

Social innovations

Social innovation is at the heart and soul all that we do at BisB, I am truly excited about the upcoming projects we are developing in the pipeline, and will be counting on all of your to actively participate to create a positive impact on local society.

3) BisB Brand Values:


We are Muslim, generous, polite, modest and respect others. We are hospitable and treat everyone with warmth. We desire to establish trust and build relationships with people before doing business. Family at home and at work is important to us and we are loyal to them. We care about the people we interact with and offer a helping hand. We are modern, intelligent and very literate.


We move rocks to create more effective processes, products and ideas. ... Being innovative does not only mean inventing something new, but changing you’re status quo and adapting to changes in our environment to deliver better products or services to everyone around us.


We strive for clarity and consistency, make decisions quickly and pragmatically and focus on what’s essential. We go out of our way to simplify the lives of everyone around us because we understand thank banking is complicated. We always challenge ourselves to find better ways. We celebrate successful improvements and learn from experiences.


We think big and work with others across boundaries to drive transformational growth. Always attempt to stand out within the boundaries of simplicity. Being different does not always mean digitization and does not always require us to reinvent the wheel. Challenge the norm and be heard. Be a head turner.

In order to achieve this, we need to work together and champion these values, living and breathing them unceasingly.

Welcome to the future of banking. It’s our time to bloom.